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Keep on Doing It

The internet an be a wonderful thing at times - especially when you accidently come across an accidently piece of motivation.

I get all kinds of pop ups in my feed and the recent one is for an app that promises you'll looks 50 lbs in like 2 minutes (okay maybe 3 weeks, but it's just as unrealistic.). I usually scroll past but for a lone comment attached. I was expecting the whole 'omg, this app is amazing' kind of thing, but no.


Some lady in the UK decided that this was where she was going to tell her story. It had nothing to do with the app, but everything about her health. Over the last 5 years, she had managed to shed 80lbs. 5 years, not 5 months, 5 years. By walking, moving her body and consistently changing diet habits and putting her health at the forefront, she set herself up for a healthier more active life. BTW - all this was done overcoming more than a few obstacles.

Now, not everyone's goal is to lose weight, so my point isn't about, 'Oh if you just do this, you too can lose weight.'. What I really admire about her post was that she took the time to invest in herself and realize, like everything else in life, that change is gradual. Nothing is a quick fix, quality results come from consistent actions.

And the reality is, creating habits and being consistent is going to be much more enjoyable anyway. Instead of trying to frantically change everything at once, you can enjoy the benefits of one thing at a time. Getting a bit more sleep, having an extra piece of fruit or committing to daily mediations IS going to make you feel better and more inspired for the next change.

Like building a house, it comes together piece by piece.

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